Estate Planning


Brainerd, MN Estate Planning - Wills, Trusts, Living WillsA will is a good tool to provide for the distribution of your estate. In Minnesota, the law allows parents to identify their choice of a guardian for a minor in a Will.

It is terrible for a child to lose a parent, but even more catastrophic for a child to be left with uncertainty as to the caregiver. A will provides an opportunity to appoint trusted loved ones.


A Trust is helpful in avoiding probate court and administration costs. Although trusts can be more expensive to set-up, they can result in significantly less expense in the long-run.

A Trust is an especially good tool for those who own real estate, especially in more than one state. Many people use a Trust avoiding expensive probate costs.


If someone in your family has passed away, the estate may need to be administered through the court process. This is typically referred to as probate. There are many types of probate proceedings.

If you are the person elected to be the executor, personal representative, or administrator, we can help you with probate. The typical probate can be rather lengthy.

It helps to have someone with experience to guide your way through the process.